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Product :: Axle Weigh Pad [ Send Enquiry ]

We are the prominent manufacturer and supplier of the Axle Weigh Pads. The pads are assembled using quality grade material as per the defined industry standards. Ideal for weighing two axle rigid vehicles, these can be used in groups to recompense for the weight transfer feature of compensating axles. Additionally, these are used by the Feet Managers, Aviation Industry and Law Enforcement Agencies for spot checking of overload conditions.

HMM-Hytech Axle Weigh Pads are ideal for weighing two axle rigid vehicles. They may be used in groups to compensate for the weight transfer characteristic of compensating axles. They are suitable for spot checking of overload conditions by fleet managers and law enforcement agencies. They are also used in automobile manufacturing plants.
Technical Specifications
Individual Weigh Pad Capacity 1.0, 2.5, 5.0, 10.0, 20.0 Tonnes
Axle Load 2.0 to 40.0 Tonnes
Readout Resolutions Depends on Capacity
Field Accuracy 1.5% of Capacity
Temperature Range -10 Deg. C to +55 Deg. C
Protection IP65
Power Requirement 12 V DC / 220 V AC, 50 Hz
Model Axle Capacity Pad Capacity Resolution Pad Height Dimension of Pad
SA-02 2 Tonnes 1 Ton 2 Kg. 70 mm 300 x 400 (mm)
SA-05 5 Tonnes 2.5 Tonnes 5 Kg. 70 mm 300 x 400 (mm)
SA-10 10 Tonnes 5 Tonnes 10 Kg. 70 mm 700 x 450 (mm)
SA-20 20 Tonnes 10 Tonnes 20 Kg. 80 mm 700 x 450 (mm)
SA-30 30 Tonnes 15 Tonnes 20 Kg. 80 mm 700 x 450 (mm)
SA-40 40 Tonnes 20 Tonnes 20 Kg. 80 mm 700 x 450 (mm)

Note: DUMMY WEIGH PADS, to equalize height of all wheels are available. The Weigh Pads should be used on firm, hard flat surface. For best results the area just before the weight pad equal to vehicle length and like wise an equal area after the weigh pad should be flat and straight as possible.

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