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Hytech Micro Measurements are well known Calibration Service providers in India for Testing Machines, Lab Equipments and Measuring Devices. Calibrations of all equipments are carried out as per National Standards and Procedures. The calibrations are carried out under controlled environment settings such as temperature, humidity. All these done for better results and accuracy, all the calibrations are done by experienced operators with strict quality control procedures. The company is gearing up to get NABL accreditation.

When to Calibrate:

The assigned accuracy of your instrument may drift due to...

  Environmental Conditions

When is it time to Calibrate:

-  Most equipment manufacturer recommend yearly calibration.

However calibration should be carried out:

a)  When you get a new instrument.
b)  When recommended calibration is due.
c)  When specified number of hours have elasped.
d)  When sudden shock or vibration may have caused calibration shift.
e)  When change in environmental conditions.
f)  When reading appear to be doubtful.

Hytech undertake Calibration of Torque, Force, Pressure, Safety & Control, Indicators and other measuring equipments for:

  Automobile Service Centers
  Engineering Colleges
  Automotive Industries
  Test Houses and Laboratories
  Polytechnics, Colleges and Schools.
  Material Testing Laboratories

Our Calibration Services are widely used by various Industries, Testing Labs & Centers, Educational Institutions all over India.

We calibrate the following Equipments and Devices:

Measuring Devices:
-  Load Cells (All type, All sizes)
-  Pressure Gauges (Pressure, Water and Oil)
-  Axle Weigh Pads
-  Hydraulic Jacks
-  Torque Wrenches
-  Torque Transducers

Testing Machines:
-  Universal Testing Machine
-  Tensile Testing Machine
-  Compression Testing Machine
-  Spring Testing Machine
-  Torsion Testing Machine

-  Digital Indicators
-  Crane Safe Load Indicator

On Site Calibration:
Hytech Micro Measurements also provides On-Site Calibration for all equipments which is stated above.

  Torque Measuring Equipments
  Force Measuring Equipments
  Pressure Measuring Equipments
  Safety & Control Equipments
  Digital Indicators
  Also above mentioned Measuring Devices, Testing Machines


All our master equipment is calibrated by NPL or NABL accredited laboratories and

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