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Product :: Hydraulic Torque Wrench Calibrator [ Send Enquiry ]

We are offering our range of Torque Measuring Equipments which is known for fine quality and is available with digital LED display, balanced force digital sensor and auto peak hold facility on indicators. These are manufactured in various sizes and specifications and packed in excellent quality materials.

With the increasing sophistication of machinery, proper torquing of nuts, bolts, screws etc, has become very important. Various types of torque wrenches are available to achieve the prescribed tightening. To ensure that torquing tools are within specifications, they should be periodically checked on a torque tester.

Hydraulic Torque Tester, provided by Hytech Micro Measurements are available for testing of various tools from 4000 Nm to 32000 Nm. We also provide customized and computerized torque testing solutions.
Technical Specifications
Torque Transducer
Make HMM-Hytech
Type Strain Gauge Board
Calibrated Range 10 - 100% of All Scale, Bi-directional
Mounting On Mounting Plate
MOC Tool Steel
Overload Protection 150% Bi-directional
Square Drive 1 1/2" Female
Accuracy 0.5% FSD
Input 5 VDC
Output 10 MVDC 10%
Linearity Better than 1%
Hysterics 0.5%
Signal Conditioner with Digital Indicator
Make HMM-Hytech
Display MICRO DAQ-10
Display Type 16 x 2 LCD
Operating Temperature 0 - 60 Deg C
Accuracy 1 Digit
Power Input 220 VAC 10%
Operating Modes Track, Peak
alarm Limit User Selectable
Memory Data Storage up to 500 readings
Data Output (Optional) RS 232 Port
0-4000     (Least Count - 2 Nm)
0-8000     (Least Count - 4 Nm)
0-16000   (Least Count - 8 Nm)
0-32000   (Least Count - 10 Nm)
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