Digital Torque Wrench Calibrators

With the increasing sophistication of machinery, proper torquing of nuts, bolts, screws etc, has become very important. Various types of torque wrenches are available to achieve the prescribed tightening. To ensure that torquing tools are within specifications, they should be periodically checked on a torque tester.

The DT series of Digital torque testers, provided by Hytech are available for testing of various tools in the static mode, from 10 Nm to 4000 Nm. There are other torque testers available for testing hydraulic torque wrenches upto 32000 Nm. We also provide customized and computerized torque testing solutions.
Technical Specifications

Accuracy Better than 0.5% (20% to 100% of Range)
Mounting Table Top Horizontal
Display 4 Digit LED Display
LED 12.5 mm High
Power 230 V/AC ± 10% 50Hz

Application Ranges
Quality Assurance 0-100 (0-10, 100 Nm)
Sample Testing of Hand Tools 0-500 (0-10, 10-100, 50-500 Nm)
Calibration of Torque Wrenches 0-1000 (0-10, 50-500, 100-1000 Nm)
Ultimate Strength Tests of Hand Tools 0-2000 (0-20, 20-200, 200-2000 Nm)
Pneumatic Screw Drivers 0-4000 (0-50, 50-500, 500-4000 Nm)
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Torque Wrench Calibrator - Models

Model Range Least Count Operation
DT-1TC 100 Nm 0.05 Nm Crank
DT-2TC 500 Nm 0.20 Nm Crank
DT-3TC 1000 Nm 0.50 Nm Crank
DT-4TC 2000 Nm 1.0 Nm Crank

Model Range Least Count Operation
DT-1TM 100 Nm 0.05 Nm Motorised
DT-2TM 500 Nm 0.20 Nm Motorised
DT-3TM 1000 Nm 0.50 Nm Motorised
DT-4TM 2000 Nm 1.0 Nm Motorised
DT-5TM 4000 Nm 1.0 Nm Motorised
DT-3T-PC 0-4000 Nm 1.0 Nm Computerized
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