Wire Pull Testers

Hytech micro measurement manufactured and designed wire crimp pull testers are robust, accurate and reliable. Pull testing is a important step in the set up portion of the manufacturing process, it is a destructive test and is not intended for production testing.

The device has a rotation thimble to attach your sample on one end, and a clamping jaw on the other end for firm gripping. Models with clamping jaws at both ends are also available. The user can also opt for a motorized versions.
Features and options:
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Overload Buzzer
  • Visual scale with pointer to measure wire extension during test
  • Overload protection to 150% of full scale capacity
  • Changeable units (NM, LB-FT, KGF)
  • USB output of readings to excel (optional)
  • Power back-up (optional)
  • Motorized version (optional)

About Us
Hytech Micro Measurements incorporated in 1987 with the aim of manufacturing state of the art instrumentation products. The company is primarily owned by a group of NRI's.