Mooring Winch Line Tension System

HMM-Hytech Line Riding Tensiometer operates by bending the Steel Wire Rope through 3 Pulleys and reading the bending force. For best results the rope should be in contact with all three sheaves at all times.
The importance of proper and adequate mooring is realised only when a gust of wind, a passing ship or a strong tidal wave can cause the ship to shift. Such an incident can cause loss of men and materials. Besides proper mooring arrangement it is desirable to measure the tension in the winch lines. Hytech Micro Measurements provides an efficient means to measure both the cable tension and payout of the rope.
Winch Master Display
Full featured instrument with exceptional performance and readability.
Display Type : LCD (2 Line with backlight)
Readability : High
Operation Temp. : -20 Deg. C to +85 Deg. C
Channels : Eight (Accepts inputs from two winches) optional 4 winches
Displays : Payout and Speed of Payout, Tension in rope
Configuration Security : Yes
The displays are made of high quality ABS and the front panel is sealed. Tactile switches ensure protection from corrosion.
The frame, load sensing pin and hardware are made of SS (Stainless Steel). The sheaves are made of hardened alloy steel. The swing arms are made of MS (Mild Steel).

Specifications by Model and Options

Line Rider Model Max Load (Kg) Payout Resolution (mm) Cable Diameter (mm) Weight (Kg) Swing Arm Option Max (Mtr.)
010 ELRLT 2150.000 60 10 13.000 SA-20
020 ELRLT 8420.000 60 20 28.000 SA-20
030 ELRLT 22830.000 60 30 45.500 SA-22
036 ELRLT 32470.000 60 36 45.500 SA-22
040 ELRLT 37920.000 100 40 45.500 SA-22
045 ELRLT 43900.000 150 45 45 SA-25
048 ELRLT 56360.000 150 48 113.500 SA-25
SA-25 70650.000 180 55 113.500 SA-25
060 ELRLT 97660.000 180 60 259.000 SA-25
Note: In Swing Arm option the last digit indicates Maximum extension in meters. Viz: 22 means 2.2 Meters.
About Us
Hytech Micro Measurements incorporated in 1987 with the aim of manufacturing state of the art instrumentation products. The company is primarily owned by a group of NRI's.